Legislative and Information Portal Slov-Lex


Legislative and Information Portal Slov-Lex provides access professional and general public to applicable law in electronic form and further information relating to law, while also providing for law-makers effective tools for the creation and management of lifecycle legislation.

The dominant parts of Slov-Lex are two closely linked systems: e-Collection and e-Legislation.

The target group of the e-Collection system consists of rights holders, which are government bodies, state administration bodies, local authorities, bodies of judicial authority, professionals working in the field of law (lawyers, notaries, experts, etc.), Freelancers, entrepreneurs (physical and legal persons ) and citizens.

The target group of the e-Legislation system is consisted of bodies involved in process of preparation and creating legislation: the Government, the Legislative Council of the Government, the National Council of Slovak republic, the president, the other approximately 30 subjects - author law ... but also participants commenting rounds, the experts working in the field of law (lawyers, notaries, experts, etc.), freelancers, entrepreneurs (physical and legal persons) and citizens.

E-Collection represents a free access to the legal order of the Slovak Republic mentioned target groups at any time, regardless per geographical nationality or other differences through Slov-Lex portal, which provides:

  • possibility of fast and efficient search,
  • clear display of the required legislative act of the Constitutional Court decision or other legal or organizational act, also with contexts and ontologies,
  • electronically signed PDF versions of Regulations published in the e-Collection with informative and legally binding content,
  • declared amendments as well as the consolidated wording of all types of legislation,
  • bindings to EU legislation from source of EUR-Lex,
  • supporting functions such as discussions, content management, RSS channels, etc.

The e-Legislation system will be available for the public in its pilot operation in autumn 2015, and will cover the legislative process and the life cycle of lawmaking. The main functions of the system will be:

  • possibilities of searching and browsing legislations in the process of their creation,
  • tools to authorized users for every stage of the life cycle of a prescription from a pre-treatment to the promulgation, from the creation of draft of the legislation through the comments and amendments, approval to the declaration,
  • full-featured text editor for the development of the amendment as well as the full text of various kinds of legislation in accordance with the legislative rules of the Government,
  • tracking the life cycle, proactive informing,
  • tools for publication of the legislation.

Parts of a Slov-Lex portal are also additional modules:

  • the implementing legislation of ministries and other central state administration bodies
  • court decisions of the Court of Justice of the European Union and the European Court of Human Rights
  • court decisions of the Slovak general courts