Accessibility statement

The web site WWW.SLOV-LEX.SK is bearing seat of legislative and informative portal Slov-Lex Ministry of Justice of Slovak Republic, which fulfills all basic standards for Public Administration Information Systems defined by yield on standards for IS VS No. 55/2014 Col.


The web site is created with regard to a maximum accessibility of content and functionality. The web site is accessible even after turning off displaying of images, cascade styles (CSS), with a slight limitation in the Java and JavaScript sequences. It is defined in relative units and its contents can easily zoom in and out using standard tools of web browsers.

Many files at this seat, is published in * .pdf format for justifiable reasons, especially because they contain typographic elements and formatting, which web format XHTML does not support, or are too large and is preferably for the users to download their on their own computer. To view these documents is necessary to have Adobe Reader installed on the browser, which is a freeware and can be downloaded from Adobe website. Other files are in * .rtf, which can be displayed and edited in most commonly used text editors. Several files are published in the * .xml file format which can be edited in any a tabular calculator on personal computer. On the web site it is published several specific calculators that are in the file format * .xls. In case of their malfunctioning, please contact technical management of the site.

The web site has a built-in RSS and ATOM modules by which may be obtained short text messages with regular collecting. The web site is regularly validated W3C service for HTML 5 and for CSS.

In case of any problems with the availability of the web site please contact technical management site accessible from any Web subpages.

Content managers and technical operator of the site is Slovak Ministry of Justice.